• Preparation and filing of documents required for NBs, Alt 1, Alt 2 and Alt 3s for DOB filing process
  • Permits (DOB, DOT)
  • Project management and coordination with all government agencies
  • Violation review & resolvement (ECB, DOB, FDNY)
  • Directive 14 Self Certification
  • Handle ‘specialty filings’ such as plumbing, sprinkler, boiler and Fire Department for licensed contractors
  • Specialize in ancillary agency work such as DEP Sewer Connection & TAP letters; DOT logistics, OCMC and permits; landmarks Certificate of No Effect; Certificate of Appropriateness; Fire Department, Fire Alarm & Fire Safety Plan Approval
  • C of O & TCO process - coordinate sign offs and inspections for TCO as well as bringing TCO to the impossible C of O
  • Any temporary construction plans